About the App

Need help sorting your Pikachus from your Piplups? Then this is the app for you!

TCG Hub – Pokemon Collection Tool is the future for your Pokemon card collection. Specifically designed to display and record your progress conveniently in one place, the sleek interface allows you to quickly add new cards to your digital collection. All collection features are available offline, and any future card updates will be supplied to the app automatically without the need for a full app update!

As well as this TCG Hub enables you to wishlist cards that you’re looking to pick up soon, earn medals for completing sets and view detailed statistics about your collection.

TCG Hub is 100% paywall and advertisement free, forever.


• Record progress made throughout your collecting journey.
• Sync your collection to the cloud to take it with you wherever you go.
• Wishlist cards you want to buy in the future.
• View your entire collection in one place.
• Earn medals for your progress on each set.
• See detailed statistics of your collection.
• Join the conversation on Twitter or Discord.